Fast Travel To and From Interiors

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Open the menu, pick a category, pick a location, wait through one load screen, and there you are. Game time is instantaneous.

There are currently 10 categories, each with 10 locations, so there is a potential total of 100, not all of which are actually interiors. I will continue to add to and improve this mod if there is interest. I might add the ability to add custom locations if there is interest.

The good:

Hop directly from merchant to merchant, blacksmith, apothecary or mage selling your loot and buying soul gems, lockpicks, and iron ore without suffering through unnecessary load screens, and without rationing your load and traveling back and forth to avoid exceeding your carry limit.

Travel to Solsteim without going to Windhelm first. Travel from Solsteim directly to any of the presets without going to Windhelm first.

Hop directly to The Summit of Apocrypha any time you need to sort your perks without traveling to Solsteim first.

Travel directly to the smithing station at Castle Dawnguard.

Vanilla player homes are included and you don’t have to buy them first. Hearthfire is a work in progress. Lakeview is included but with questionable results, so if you have this home, I’d love to hear how it’s working for you.


Jarls, Inns, etc.

The bad:

You will need all three DLC’s. I do plan to either make separate versions or patches. How soon depends on interest, so if this mod appeals to you, but you don’t have the DLC’s, let me know.


In it’s current form it’s a conjuration spell, but I haven’t placed the tome yet, so for now you’ll have to add it throught the console by typing “help “Fast Travel to Interiors””or simply “help interiors”. Then add the spell by typing player.addspell XXXXXXXX where “XXXXXXXX” is the 8 digit code given to you from the “help” command. From there just cast like any other spell.

There are a few dead links that won’t take you anywhere yet but are placeholders as I add to this in coming days.

Due to limitations in Skyrim’s built in menu system, I tried to make the category and location names as short as possible, so it helps to know the names of the merchants, i.e. if you want to go the blacksmith in Whiterun, you need to know it’s called Warmaiden’s. This was more fun to me than the city names, though I could change it with enough feedback as long as the names are only one word.

Immersion breaking is a consideration, so I might post a version that doesn’t allow traveling while over encumbered or in combat, and advances the game clock in the usual fast travel manner. Or figure out a way to make it switchable. For me though, if I feel like I’m cheating and it bothers me, I just don’t do it. It’s nice to have that option though when manageing your carry limit gets simply tedious. If it isn’t fun, who cares about immersion.

This is the first mod I’ve bothered to share so all comments, suggestions, and friendly criticisms are welcome. Please let me know if you’d like to add a location or if a location doesn’t work as expected.

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