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I really like the Female Pants mod by Chinagreenelvis and wanted to try make some new textures for it! I’m REALLY bad at screenshots, but basically they just look more like the vanilla clothing now. There are different pants, belts and shirts in varying levels of dirtiness. 

I edited them in Photoshop using bits from Kobayashi345’s 2X Clothing Re-Mix, made some (hopefully passable) normal maps in CrazyBump, and updated the meshes in Nifskope. It’s not perfect, but it’s 3AM and I doubt I’m coming back to this.

Let me know if anything’s gone wrong – you’re welcome to edit it yourself, too. I’ve included all my PSD files in a zipped folder under Data>Textures>Clothes>FemalePants, along with the original textures in case you want to swap them back.

Female Pants replaces five of the female clothing alternates with pant outfits based on the miner’s clothing model. It also changes the names of those clothing items to: 

    [*]Farm Clothes (Farm Clothes 03 Variant) – 6C1DA 

    [*]Field Clothes (Farm Clothes 02 Variant) – 6C1D9 

    [*]Merchant Clothes (Merchant Clothes Variant) – 6FF45 

    [*]Peasant Clothes (Farm Clothes 04 Variant) – 6C1D8 

    [*]Traveler’s Fine Clothes (Fine Clothes 02 Variant) – F8715 

They can be found all over Skyrim, in their default locations, as loot and on various characters, just like the regular clothes. These only replace the color variants of dresses – the original female outfits are still in the game so you can still choose to wear a skirt if you want, and most female characters in the game still wear them.

Textures are 2048×2048. Based on the Noble Female Clothes mod by Karmoth.


Karmoth (Noble Female Clothes)


    [*]Some boots (thin ones) will cause clipping around the ankles. It can’t be helped. Color-coordinate your footwear to make it less noticeable.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97410

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