Female Qunari Preset for COR

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The archive contains preset itself, sculpt files,  face textures and horns. 



Charmers of the Reach  and all it’s requirements.

KS Hair


Just drag&drop Data folder to your Skyrim’s root directory, apply merging.


Textures – put femalehead.dds and femalehead_msn.dds to your Skyrim/Data/textures/ICOR/Head folder, apply merging. Brows are painted on it, so you don’t need any brows mods.

Horns – drop textures and meshes folder, as well as .esp file to your Data, activate in launcher. It’s an equipable item, in game you can get it through Additem menu.

Possible issues: almost all hair clipping through the horns, there is nothing I can do with it. Also some hairstyles are too “big” (noticable on the back of the head).

Credits and thanks to:

Bethesda – for Skyrim)

Trixter and others – for Charmers of the Reach race

Kalilies – for KS Hair

HHaleyy – for Fair skin

LogRaam – for the eyes of beauty

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98893

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