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He’s based off of several 

Name: Feyris

Class: Archer

Can I Marry him? Yes you can marry him.

Location: Four Shields Inn at Dragon Bridge

Preset? Maybe, if I can ever find his preset file again.

Known Issues

His neck might look a little too thin and weird, but don’t worry I’ll be fixing it in the future.

Download SOS to avoid any bugs with his junk.


Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1

Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam

Pretty Face for Male by tktk1

KijikoHairCC by chitama

Fair Skin for Men Overhaul by RomeoZero

SoS – Schlongs of Skyrim by VectorPlexus and Smurf

Brows by Hervgelmer

Freckles and Rough Skin Complexion Retex by Ice885

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