Field Mage Outfit UUNP HDT Bodyslide Conversion

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Field Mage Outfit UUNP HDT Bodyslide Conversion

Field Mage Outfit by Echo 1162 to the UUNP HDT body with Outfit Studio.

All credit should go to Echo 1162 for his work.

The texture belong to DreamBurrows Field Mage Retexture same as other conversion of this Outfit.

I did not see any conversion with Outfit Studio so I make it for my personal use and I want to share it.

I removed the big bag of the alchemist and make a light version without cuisse part.

In the archive, you can find a UNP version but you can make whatever version with Outfit Studio Files (7B, UNPB, UNPF, and so…)

In the ESP, I have made a leather armor version with magic enchantment. The ESP contain the light version (without cuisse) and normal version too.

Don’t forget to endorse original mod of Echo 1162 and texture addon of DreamBurrows.

You can take it with console (help “field mage” and player.additem id show by help command)

Thanks To Echo 1162 for the awesome Field Mage outfit! and DreamBurrow for his some awesome new textures for the field mage outfit.

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