Fixed Max Weight Dark Brotherhood Armor

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[font=Georgia]My elf is on max weight, but when he puts on the dark brotherhood armor he looks skinny. That wasn’t right. So I fixed it. I also ended up fixing the sleeveless version and the first person arms for both. Sleeveless version was broken originally if I remember correctly.

Also includes an esp that makes the sleeveless armor playable. Note: All the fixes are male only.

If you choose the playable sleeveless version you can find 2 copies of the armor in the Falkreath DB Sanctuary in the main room, where Astrid gives you your original Dark Brotherhood armor.

The stats for the sleeveless version is a bit lower than the DB armor since it has no forearms. It was set as heavy armor in the CK too, so I made it into light armor like the actual DB armor.


I’d suggest you use a mod manager of your choice.[/font]

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