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”I’ve seen Aetherius, I’ve met… them. Let’s just say they are not as nice as the books make them.” -Flint

[About Flint]

An Imperial Dwemer enthusiast who came to Skyrim years ago due to the surplus of Dwarven Ruins.

A researcher him and his team came across a room in the ruins which

contained a unique door. Weeks passed, and one faithful day while alone

in the room it suddenly opened.

Months later there were talks of a man with strange clothing conducting research.

He has incredible technology and knows much about the Dwemer.

But did he create his tools or were they forged by something or someone else.

Flint can be found in front of the doors to Markarth.

Unique Revolver/Crossbow the “Bolt Accelerator”

Unique enchanted armor parts

Will use which ever body you have installed (Recommend SOS)

[Recommended Mods]

Follower Commentary Overhaul – FCO by terzaerian


KS Hairdos -Renewal- by Kalilies Shocky and Stealthic Khaos

The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam

Project AHO by HaemProjects (Armor Parts)

Dwarven Bikini Armor by Nisetanaka

StarwardsDwaids by m150

Dwarven Bigmagnum by m150

El Follower Severini by Elza (Face Diffuse)

Pretty Face by Tktk1

Smooth Male Body by urshi

Discord buddies for assisting with armor weighting

TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim by asianboy345

En Masse Entertainment/Bluehole Studios for Tera Armor Collection Armor



Bethesda for creating Skyrim

Thank you all!


1.0 – Initial Creation

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