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Welcome to Flute Finder

This mod adds quest markers to over 100 different NPCs in the game.

When you pick up the Flute, you will recieve 12 new quests in the Miscellaneous tab in your menu.

There is also a Misc item, called ‘Scroll of Finding’

that will add a marker to any NPC, when placed in their inventory.

There are 30 of these scrolls near the Flute for you to grab when the quest starts.

Instructions:          Find the Flute & Scrolls along the water near the Guardian Stones.

                                The 12 categories listed under Miscellaneous Quests.

                                Markers appear ONLY on your large map / location map. [See below]

                                Do not look for arrows over the heads of NPCs or your top compass.


[/size][/b]//    //    //    //    U S E   W I T H   C A U T I O N   //    //    //    //


**IF you choose to turn all categories in this mod on… 

BE WARNED it may not work right, and could dramatically lower FPS.



Problems with this mod: (yes, this system is kind of broken)

    – Markers ONLY appear on your map, not over their head / on your top compass.

    – Some markers from this mod display 3 arrows over a single NPC. [See the Gallery]

    – If all categories are ON, problems may occur.


Skyrim has a limit of 16 quest markers on your top compass display.

You should not rely on your compass for this mod, USE YOUR MAP.

Again, DO NOT expect there to be an arrow over their head or on your compass


When you view the main map / location map, all markers will appear.


*For the best results ::

Install this at the very beginning of the game.

This way, the categories remain at the bottom of your Miscellaneous Quest list.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97704

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