Flying Birds of Skyrim

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This mod adds ONLY Flying Birds* ON the Sky of Skyrim (Warning: Same locations as in my Ravens mods for the flying ravens). No DLC needed.

Ravens Mounts and Followers NO DLC Ravens and Co – Mounts and Followers NO DLC

*67 Ravens (Whiterun – Riften – Solitude) ;73 Seagulls (Solitude – Dawnstar – Windhelm) ;16 Vultures (In the volcanic region in the south of Kynesgrove, near Bonestrewn Crest, Mistwatch …)

New sounds (ravens, seagulls, vultures)

Mr Siika Seagulls and Mr Siika Ravens and Vultures

Free sounds universal-soundbank/ [/url] Sound Fishing xeno-canto [/url]

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