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For people not wanting to use the rediculous huge Unofficial Skyrim Patch or USLEEP to change a million things.

Yes they did fix these issues but also changed a million other things, many which I feel should have been left alone.

Now their new patch does not even work unless you have all expansions enabled.  What if I don’t want to enable expansions till later?

Anyways that aside, this mod aims to fix bugs and exploits with all followers.

First priority is trainer follower exploit where you can train and then take all your money back.  (particularly at start of game with Faendal.)

Second to fix trainer follower class as is the case with Farkas.  It was set as “blacksmith” making him super weak later as well as his skills messed up.

More companions class will prob need to be fixed, coming soon.

See Bethesda likes to re-use classes and everything else because it speeds game development.  However it gives NPC’s the wrong stats.

Also might add a cost to hire some followers such as Uthgerd.  But have not done any of that yet.

Mod is in beginning stages.  I am making it as I play through the game, so I can test it…

It uses custom scripts,

A readme file will be uploaded to the download page, which I recommend you not read, because it contains spoilers.  But it will tell exactly how the mod functions.

For skyrim.  Vanilla not expansion at this point.  Any expansion mods will be seperate, as they should be.

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