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I’m not good at English.

This follower MOD is standalone.

Name : Kanon

Race : Unknown

Sex : Female

Body : UNP

Weight : 100

Voice : FemaleYoungEager

Skills : One-Handed,Two-Handed,Block,Destruction,Restoration,Light Armor,Sneak

Place : The Drunken Huntsman (Whiterun)


Skyrim.esm (ver.1.9.32)



Any Follower Control MODs


Install this MOD using MO2 or Vortex


[Character Edit Tools]

Enhanced Character Edit :

RaceMenu :


saLa Hair :


Cute Eyes :

[Face & Mouth]

Adorable Face : by Lumina

[Body Texture]

Fair Skin Complexion :

[Body Mesh]

DIMONIZED UNP female body :


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended :




My old PC don’t use ENB


GomaPeroPoses : by GomaPeroPero

[Armor & Clothing]

Bikini Trouble – UNP UNPB 7B MTM DG TopModel BBP BBPx TBBP :

R18Pn 03 – Argent Iron Armor for UNP and CBBE V3 :

[Light source]

Face Light :

Quick Light :

Thank you for using this MOD.

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