Follower Morrigan

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– Character description

– Suggested followers management third party mods

– Suggested ADULT outfit

Character description:

Race: Breton

Location: Frostfruit Inn (Rorikstead)

Level: 10-100

Class: AAAPlayerSpellswordClass

Combat styles: custom; one wield / archer

Armor: light

Aggression level: Aggressive

Confidence level: Average

Protected: yes (NPCs can’t kill her, player can)

Spells: self healing, from the minor to the major; breton spell absorption

Marriable: yes

Suggested followers management third party mods: AFT – Amazing Follower Tweaks

Will grant you complete control on NPCs charsheet, appearence, behaviour, etc.

UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Will grant you better control on NPCs level, stats, etc.

Simple NPC Outfit Manager

Will allow you to easily manage NPCs’ outfits.

Suggested ADULT outfit:

TroubleMakers Forsworn Armor

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