Follower nouna (UUNP)

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<exciting lore> Mod does what?

Adds follower nouna to Skyrim, to be found hanging out at Frostflow Lighthouse.

Race: Nord

Class: One handed

Perks: One handed, block & heavy armours

Weight: 100

nouna comes with her own custom Blades armour (TAWOBA).

NB: Mod does not affect game default resources.



HDT Physics Extensions

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE


Install via your preferred mod manager, or manually.

Optional download to install perky nouna’s Bodyslide preset.


Un-install via your preferred mod manager, or manually.

Known Issues

Usual caveats that anything I’ve touched with my mod might affect other mods, which should only be the lighthouse bits.



There’s no equivalent textures at the mo, so sorry, no.


To the floor!


Unslaad – Pale UNP Textures by Miriam and DomainWolf

Unslaad Keizaal – Pale UNP Textures by Miriam

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaley

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Caliente

KS Hairdo’s by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shock

Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor by NiseTanaka

CLENB (ENB) used for screenshots

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