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Mod Does What?

Adds follower Trish to Solstheim, to be found wandering between the market and ‘The Retching Netch’ tavern.

Race: Nord

Style: One handed

Weight: 100

Default Outfit: Chitin Armour

Body Type: UNP (UUNP)

Perks: 1h, archery, sneakin’

Levels with player, marriageable, eats bread, etc.

Follower comes with custom UUNP body meshes and textures.

NB: Mod does not affect game defaults.


Install manually or via your preferred mod manager.

Meshes are located at:

[font=Courier New]datameshesactorscharacterfollowertrish[/font]

Textures are located at:

[font=Courier New]datatexturesactorscharacterfollowertrish[/font]


Un-install manually or via your preferred mod manager.


Unslaad – Pale UNP Textures by Miriam and DomainWolf

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaley

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Caliente

KS Hairdo’s by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shock

Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team

Armour worn in screenshots is BD UUNP Dragonborn armor replacer (not included with this mod).

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