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Hello guys!

Sorry for my English,I’m not a native speaker.

Here is my first PureSkin follower “Willow”,why her name is Willow,I think because she has beautiful hair just like willow in the wind 🙂

And,as what I say,her skin texture is “PureSkinTexture”(Thank you regenbot03!),I used to be a “FAIRSKIN” user,now I decide to try something else,so here she is.

I know she can’t compare with those excellent followers,but I tried my best,

However,I found when she is a follower,you know,the sight from player to follower in Skyrim is “down to up ” which makes her face look bigger than it really is.(If your sight is “up to down”,her face would be better)

But I didn’t change the size of her face,because this is what she really looks like,and I don’t like a small face which makes your character “pointy chin” and “anime”

So this is why she have a big round face haha.

About her skin,although PureSkin is paler than FairSkin in some outdoor scene,I do like PureSkin’s normalmap which makes your character’s body so sexy,thank you regenbot03,again.

Back to the follower Willow,location is The Drunken Huntsman,her body type is CBBE,if you wanna change it you can replace the meshes and textures with whatever type you want by youself.Her inventory is Merchant clothes,other armor in SS is not include in this mod.

She is a 1Hwarrior,with some combat perks,no fancy but I think she could be a good sidekick.Hope she could be a partener of your adventure,have fun!

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