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The minions of the Daedric Lord of Knowledge, fate, and Memory board ancient artifacts lost to the depths of time! It falls to you to find them and reawaken their full power, as is your foreseen fate.

In Game Details

This Mod adds 2: One-Handed Weapons and 1 Two-Handed Weapon.

After acquiring, you can upgrade them at a forge with the Ebony and Daedric Smithing Perks to access the glowing effects. 

They can furthermore be tempered at a sharpening wheel.

They are unenchanted and can be given your own custom enchantments.

The damage, speed, weight, and stagger variables are equivalent to the Ebony counterparts.

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Skyrim Special Edition


Download the main Fomod file and install through using Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.

Step by step instructions and choices will follow during the installation, quick and easy!

Not set up for manual installation.


Q: Clipping with armor/walking animations

A: I’ve tweaked it as best I can to avoid clipping, however, consider choosing the thinner version of the 2handed weapon during installation to avoid some clipping issues.

Q: Where to find? *spoilers*

A: Read the Black Book from the Dragonborn DLC named Untold Legends and towards the end of the level acquire the “black market” power from the last book to summon the Dremora merchant who stocks the new weapons. It may take some time to acquire all the weapons as he only stocks 1 at a time.

Alternatively, use AddItemMenu

Q: Radiating effects different colour from glowing effect?

A: Make sure you choose matching glow effects during installation, found in the options section.

Q: Found a bug!

A: Report so I can fix it, please 🙂

Q: Could you please edit x variable?

A: If demands are great enough I will, in my free time. I have other projects too 🙂

Special Mention

Check out SteveSketchesArt @Instagram for cool concept art!

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