Forgotten Dungeons – Great White North Edition (Experimental eh)

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Special thanks to Juhaantero68.

Please, please, PLEASE head over to Juhaantero68’s Forgotten Dungeons mod download it, endorse it, then tell him how much you appreciate his work.

The work he’s done is unparalleled, some people have made dungeon packs before but not at this level.


In the past, in my own game, the changes I made to this mod I made mid game and unfortunately what happens is all the items I edited will not appear in your game anymore if you already visited that dungeon.

Basically this mod is only really good for new playthroughs, this is your first time using the mod or you haven’t visited many Forgotten Dungeons in your own game. Otherwise the items in the dungeons you have visited will not spawn at all.

It’s really stupid but your save file saves all the little temporary items in dungeons when you visit the first time and even though I used a save file cleaner and got rid of the specific RefID it still didn’t fix it. Yet when I started a new game all the items spawned correctly.

Please keep in mind everything stated here is experimental.

I usually like to test my mods for a few months before releasing them but I’m just starting a new game so I’m updating, removing and editing mods and this collection of changes I felt is so large it would take very, very long to test the bulk of them so I’d thought I’d enlist the help of the community to test.

Because there’s no scripts in this mod worst case scenario is the following functionality simply does not work. Your game won’t explode or anything.Though I have done everything listed here before, just not at this scale.




[font=times new roman,times,serif]Quick Description[/font]

This mod will replace the Forgotten DungeonsALL.esp file with my changes.

I’m a functionality guy so the dungeons are EXACTLY the same as before but I made extensive changes to the existing items in the dungeons.

[font=times new roman,times,serif]Detailed Description[/font]

    [*]I removed some of the wild edits made to vanilla cells. Nothing in the Worldspace was touched though.

    [*]Throughout the mod I have changed the names of records to give them proper capitalization.

    [*]Some of the custom treasure chests that were very similar to vanilla treasure chests were removed and vanilla treasure chests were put in their place.

    The very large gold amounts in custom treasure chests has been completely removed.

    [*]All notes, dragon claws, and keys provided by this mod have new textures applied to the them so they will appear different but have the exact same functionality as before.

    [*]Trying to stay spoiler free as possible but in one of the dungeons you get a unique sword. It has been changed to be unenchanted. using a custom sword mod and is temperable. Special thanks to standalone09’s Custom Sunfang.

    [*]I would say roughly 98% of all “fixed” items in dungeons have been changed to instead pull from a levelled list.

      [*]What I mean by fixed item is if in a dungeon if their was supposed to be a Canis Root in a specific spot, I changed it so it will pull from vanilla alchemy lists instead. If a bottle of Ale was supposed to spawn I changed it to pull a drink from a vanilla drink list. If a specific book was supposed to spawn I changed it to pull from a book from a vanilla book list instead etc.

      [*]I added level modifiers as well which means if a Potion of Minor Healing is supposed to spawn it will randomly select another random low level potion.

      [*]I added leveled lists to EVERYTHING: potions, weapons, armors, jewelry & gems, ores & ingots, pelts, alchemy ingredients, food & drink, NPCs, books, dwemer scrap metal, soul gems and finally scrolls

      [*]I didn’t randomize certain items that aren’t in vanilla lists for instance: Frostbite Venom. Potion of Blood, Troll Skull, and many more. Also there are 2 mines amongst the dungeons and in those places I didn’t randomize the ingots.


    [*]Finally the one thing I disliked about some of the dungeons was the sheer amount of food and sometimes potions in them. So what I did to remedy that was add toggle switches to all of the more lootable items in the game, stuff you would take cause its valuable.

    I tried to add the switches sequentially based on the FormID’s but I may have messed up sometimes and it may not exactly be sequential.

    The following is the switch ID’s so if you open the console, type prid (Switch ID) then enable or disable, it will then enable or disable that particular switch and therefore enable/disable all items connected to that switch. OR if you know how to use xEdit or the CK you can just Disable/Enable the correct XMarkers in the esp.

      [*] Potions 

      Their is 1,400 potions across all dungeons with each switch preceding over 280 potions each.

      JVD_TogglePotions01 [REFR:xxBA46D9] (280 items)

      JVD_TogglePotions02 [REFR:xxBA46DA] (280 items)

      JVD_TogglePotions03 [REFR:xxBA46DB] (280 items)

      JVD_TogglePotions04 [REFR:xxBA46DC] (280 items)

      JVD_TogglePotions05 [REFR:xxBA46DD] (280 items)

      [*] Food, Drinks & Raw Meat 

      Their is 1,496 food/drink/raw meat items across all dungeons with each switch preceding over, at least, 299 items each.

      JVD_ToggleFoodDrinks01 [REFR:xxBA46DE] (300 items)

      JVD_ToggleFoodDrinks02 [REFR:xxBA46DF] (299 items)

      JVD_ToggleFoodDrinks03 [REFR:xxBA46E0] (299 items)

      JVD_ToggleFoodDrinks04 [REFR:xxBA46E1] (299 items)

      JVD_ToggleFoodDrinks05 [REFR:xxBA46E2] (299 items)

      [*] Gems & Jewelry 

      Their is 110 gems & jewelry items across all dungeons with each switch preceding over 22 items each.

      JVD_ToggleJewelry01 [REFR:xxBA46E3] (22 items)

      JVD_ToggleJewelry02 [REFR:xxBA46E4] (22 items)

      JVD_ToggleJewelry03 [REFR:xxBA46E5] (22 items)

      JVD_ToggleJewelry04 [REFR:xxBA46E6] (22 items)

      JVD_ToggleJewelry05 [REFR:xxBA46E7] (22 items)

      [*] Weapons & Armor 

      Their is 72 weapons & armor pieces across all dungeons with each switch preceding over, at least, 14 items each.

      JVD_ToggleWeaponsArmor01 [REFR:xxBA46E8] (15 items)

      JVD_ToggleWeaponsArmor02 [REFR:xxBA46E9] (15 items)

      JVD_ToggleWeaponsArmor03 [REFR:xxBA46EA] (14 items)

      JVD_ToggleWeaponsArmor04 [REFR:xxBA46EB] (14 items)

      JVD_ToggleWeaponsArmor05 [REFR:xxBA46EC] (14 items)

      [*] Soul Gems 

      Their is 138 soul gems across all dungeons with each switch preceding over, at least, 27 items each.

      JVD_ToggleSoulGems01 [REFR:xxBA46EF] (28 items)

      JVD_ToggleSoulGems02 [REFR:xxBA46F0] (28 items)

      JVD_ToggleSoulGems03 [REFR:xxBA46F1] (28 items)

      JVD_ToggleSoulGems04 [REFR:xxBA46F2] (27 items)

      JVD_ToggleSoulGems05 [REFR:xxBA46F3] (27 items)

      [*] Ores & Ingots 

      Their is 319 ores & ingots across all dungeons with each switch preceding over, at least, 63 items each.

      JVD_ToggleSmithing01 [REFR:xxBA46F4] (64 items)

      JVD_ToggleSmithing02 [REFR:xxBA46F5] (64 items)

      JVD_ToggleSmithing03 [REFR:xxBA46F6] (64 items)

      JVD_ToggleSmithing04 [REFR:xxBA46F7] (64 items)

      JVD_ToggleSmithing05 [REFR:xxBA46F8] (63 items)

      [*] Treasure Chests 

      Their is 416 treasure chests across all dungeons with each switch preceding over, at least, 83 chests each.

      I didn’t add switches to Boss Containers which is the large treasure chest you get at the end of a dungeon. Unfortunately not all dungeons had a chest that was labelled specifically as Boss Container so if you do disable 1 or more of these switches and find there is no treasure chest at the end of a dungeon please let me know which dungeon so I can remove the switch from it.

      JVD_ToggleTreasureChests01 [REFR:xxBA46F9] (84 items)

      JVD_ToggleTreasureChests02 [REFR:xxBA46FA] (83 items)

      JVD_ToggleTreasureChests03 [REFR:xxBA46FB] (83 items)

      JVD_ToggleTreasureChests04 [REFR:xxBA46FC] (83 items)

      JVD_ToggleTreasureChests05 [REFR:xxBA46FD] (83 items)

      [*] Scrolls 

      Their is 24 scrolls across all dungeons with each switch preceding over, at least, 4 items each.

      JVD_ToggleScrolls01 [REFR:xxBA46FE] (5 items)

      JVD_ToggleScrolls02 [REFR:xxBA46FF] (5 items)

      JVD_ToggleScrolls03 [REFR:xxBA4700] (5 items)

      JVD_ToggleScrolls04 [REFR:xxBA4701] (5 items)

      JVD_ToggleScrolls05 [REFR:xxBA4702] (4 items)


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