Forgotten Gems Community Texturepack – LE

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mypizzes – unique tombstones models

—Welcome to the forgotten gems community texturepack!—

I’ve put together a hand picked texture pack of obscure (or not so obscure)

textures and models that I use in my game! 2k and 4k photoscan and handmade textures! 

should be compatible with anything, just overwrite as needed

or manually drag and drop the assets you like best!

Before we go any further lets get to the most important part:


Each of these mods has open permissions to be used as assets in others mods, so I figured I would put them all together for ease of use, especially since some were only available for special edition! I know some of these are not forgotten, but hey the name has a good ring to it! I will be updating this with new content in the future! Thanks for checking this out, go give the authors endorsements while you’re at it!


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