Forsworn Female Briarheart

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Forsworn  Briarheart male NPC  => Forsworn Briarheart Female NPC (Exchange)

When installed It

will only come out when you start a new game or regeneration again.


KS Hairdos – Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic 

Eyes of Aber

Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team 

ECEE – RANs Enhanced Character Edit Enhancer by RAN46 

Goma Pero Land Forswornarmor (GomaPeroPero)

ViVada-The Baba Yaga Forswornarmor  (Dividedbythe9s)

Heroes Regina CBBE Bodyslide HDT[/url]


ps: GomaPeroPero, Dividedbythe9s

Thank you for giving me permission to use clothes.

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