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[font=Georgia]Fort Castellum[/font]

[font=Georgia]v1.0 Eng/Rus[/font]

[font=Georgia]by Ronnie Magnum[/font]


***First of all, I created this mod as a demonstration of Ancient Imperial Tileset possibilities with various variants of tileset blocks combining. In the near future I’m also planning to add an optional ESP-file including only tileset objects as a modder’s resource.


Ronnie Magnum – meshes, textures, music.


Skyrim v1.9


This mod adds new dungeon – Fort Castellum, that is located to the South from Gjukar’s Monument. A bunch of good items are waiting for you there (some of them are pretty hard to find – search carefully), so sharpen your blade and be prepared to face the gang of renegade outlaws that settled there.


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