Fortified and Animated Fort Doors

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[font=Tahoma]Fortified and Animated Fort [/font][font=Tahoma]Doors


4K and 2K textures available

[font=Tahoma]Notes[/font]I started creating the meshes for this mod back in April knowing that I’m gonna pause it for a while to continue working on my outfit mods which I’m hopefully gonna release this summer.

When I created the metal locks on the doors I always had nice custom animations in my mind to actually rotate and move the levers and the locks, but I had absolutely no idea how to create them back then.

In early June I started to delve into the depths of animations in Nifskope.

Heck, let me tell you, these depths are deeper, darker and more dangerous than some dungeons in Skyrim.

There were times where I just wanted to delete all the files and move along.

Creating animations in Nifskope can be so tedious and intimidating, it’s crazy.

When I finished the open animation I was so happy that it finally worked, only to realize that in-game it didn’t work at all.

The animation was totally different, it was driving me crazy.

After many hours of fiddling around I finally found out what exactly I had to change to make the animation look the same as in Nifskope.

There are lots of small settings and tweaks that have to match perfectly to make it work.

If you need help with a custom animation feel free to contact me, I might be able to help now as I survived the animation dungeon and finished this mod…

There are some minor glitches, for example sometimes a closed door shows open locks.

If you travel somewhere else and come back later it’s fine again, I have no idea why this happens.

Two or three door meshes don’t have animations as they’re only used two times in the game in one single dungeon so I didn’t bother.

The other meshes are used hundreds of times and were more important to me.

[font=Tahoma]Installation & Compatibility


I highly recommend MO2 as mod manager.

Let my mods door meshes and textures overwrite the files from other mods.


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