FranklinZunge Collection for CBBE and UUNP

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[font=Comic Sans MS]Hello my peeps!

I’m back to give you a very requested bodyslide conversion for all of FranklinZunge’s work. That’s right! Brigandage and Common Clothes has been converted for both CBBE and UUNP users. 

Required Mods:

Common clothes and Armor by thetrader



Common Clothes

as well as 


CBBE (for CBBE users)

XPMSE (for HDT conversion)

All-in-one files as well as individual files are available!

Download with any mod manager of your choosing. Install the file and launch BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Navigate to Group filter, click the drop down menu, and click Choose Groups. Depending on which files you downloaded you would want to look for the following:

FranklinZunge Collection (CBBE) HDT, Non HDT, and Immersive for all in one.


Brigandage (CBBE) HDT, Non HDT, and Immersive

Common Clothes (CBBE) HDT, Non HDT, and Immersive

Select your flavor of choice and build. Enjoy with love! <3

Known issues:

1. Some armor chest pieces may look weird on some body presets. FranklinZunge used 

the male chest piece model instead of the female. I tried to make the chest piece as feminine as 

I could but it still may look odd on some presets.

2. There’s a lot of meshes that are layered on top of each other i.e. bandit pants under full length robes. You will notice some clipping mainly from the HDT conversions of the other mesh “poking out” when your character/NPC runs or sneaks. I’ve done my best to address, but there will still be clipping from the mesh underneath.

3. Some animations will make the wrist/elbow poke out a bit from the sleeves. I will make an update for this in the future but for the most part I feel that these conversions are ready.


All credit goes to FranklinZunge and the contributors of his work!

Improved NPC Clothing – High Res by BaronDavid

Nernies Ranger Pack by Nernie

Game of Thrones Armor Compilation by Donker316

The Witcher 2 Models by LordOfWar

Wanderer Cuirass by Frank and Cabal by FrankDema and Cabal120

Chainmail texture by defunkt

Leather Armor Alternative Textures by exray catt

Viking Chainmail Armor by hothtrooper44

aMidianBorn Iron and Banded Armor by CaBaL

Armored Clothing by BryanWee20

As well as:

uses nbfurhoods textures by northborn

chainmail texture by hothtrooper

chainmail texture by defunkt

witcher 2 meshes ported by lordofwar

amidianborn textures

bethesda vanilla meshes and textures

Mods used in screen shots:

KS Hairdos

Multicolored KS Hairdos

Combined KS Hairdos

The Baltic States ENBs – Compatible with Vivid Weathers ( I use Lithuanian ENB preset)

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Flower Fields

Apachii Divine Elegance Store (shoes in one of the screen shots)[/font]

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