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This mod edits the land near whiterun coordinates (-1, -2) .

I made this mod to play Tundra Defense. 

You can check the image to see the landscape change and the how the fortress looks like. 

It shouldn’t affect any other mod unless it changes the exact landscape.

My other mod is Freeland without the fortress.

Don’t use both Freeland and Freeland_Fortress together. Use one.

You need the base game Skyrim + Update

Load order, just use loot. 

This version includes 

flat land ( some small land bumps )

fortress base 



Smith Forge

cooking area

Tanning rack

1 guard

Just like my Freeland mod, this mod will work with the vanilla version with no grass mods etc. 

If you have grass mods on, the edited land will show but with grass mods you have installed.

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