Frost Slow Tweaks

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    [*]Esl-flagged/espfe to avoid counting to the infamous 255 plugin limit.

    [*]Slow strength is no longer affected by perks such as augmented frost. Instead all frost spells that apply a slow do so with a set magnitude and duration. The magnitude will, however scale with the subject’s missing stamina. A “standard” slow effect (base magnitude of 50, like in nearly all vanilla spells) will reach upto a maximum of 80% slowdown at less than 10% stamina remaining.

    [*]Moderately frost resistant (resistance < 75) characters no longer take reduced slowdown from frost spells and effects.

    [*]Heavily resistant (resistance >= 75) characters are still completely immune to the slow.

    [*]Characters weak to frost no longer suffer more severe slow effects.

    [*]Any general magic resistance or weakness other than immunity also no longer affects slow.


Load after any mod that edits the vanilla frost slow effects (this includes Ordinator and Vokrii). When in doubt, check with xEdit first or just put it after all other spell/magic mods. Do note that any mods that attempt to use the vanilla frost slow effects with a magnitude other than 50 and/or a duration other than ~4 seconds will need a consistency patch to maintain their intended values but will not otherwise suffer due to this mod.

Patches available for following mods:

Apocalypse – Only one spell (Sleet Storm) needed a fix

Vigilant – Fixes for a few boss moves that apply slowdown

Wildcat and Smilodon both have a slow effect they apply to combatants with no stamina remaining at all. Because of implementation details, this stacks additively with the slow effect my workaround applies. This is not enough to cause the effect to break, but does make frost slow feel even more powerful (95% slow at empty stamina). If this bothers you, I recommend disabling the stamina depletion slow effect in the Wildcat/Smilodon configuration.

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