Full Replica of Tamriel

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What this is: A copy of Tamriel, where the original and navmesh are unaffected, and both worlds are fully accessible in game. The best case scenario is this is a means to enable seasons in the purest form, and having access to two Tamriels with entirely different climates, themes, enemies… whatever you want

What this is not: A carbon copy of exact precision. In any case, at minimum this can be a Westworld-like playground for anything you can think of with no conflict concerns. Or for modders it can make for a great place for small to large scale testing/messing around purposes. I left the final output pure so some trimming may be warranted depending on goals at hand

Nav Info for the replica is the main difference here, and is something I am not very experienced working with. For all I know this is something an expert can address, or this needs to be attempted again to retain that data. There are also some blemishes like buildings and such that are not “visually full” so to speak, and admittedly some buildings were unplaced or what not. Just means manual touchups may be necessary as needed such as putting some of these back on their foundation. I had to use an entirely different procedure for this vs previous resouces, perhaps due to its massive size, and some data got auto-trimmed. The main takeaway this opens a lot of options

The bizarre navmeshed prototype


There was a Tamriel checkpoint with replicated nav records (two 0X012FB4’s) but it was… something. Mentioning it in case it could be of use for some reasons, but it’s a trainwreck

In game it appears as if two Tamriels are fused into one like you see on TV such as that show Fringe, and it adds about 30 seconds of startup time. It is a true*TM replica but extremely buggy, unstable, low fps, and literally coming apart at the seams

The civil war is both happening and not happening. Helgen is both holding an execution, and in ruin at the same time. Dragons and radiant encounters are everywhere. There are two signs at each store fused together. Sometimes even three signs (no idea) in some cases. Buildings, trees, and terrain flicker like they were in a state of phase or flux, and there is just more weirdness than any amount of skooma could ever make happen. Amazed it didn’t CTD. Explored it a good hour or so


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