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This mod turns all the people in Skyrim into furries.

The original inspiration was Furry Age of Skyrim. I took the concept and expanded on it with more races and with more furrification of the environment.


SSE: Nope, not yet. Someday if I ever get a stable SSE installation going.




Each Skyrim race is transformed into a different animal race:

    [*]Nord – Lykaios (Wolf) by KrittaKitty

    [*]Imperial – Vaalsark (Jackal-ish) by Wolf of the Azar, adapted by me.

    [*]Breton – Fennec Fox by Jelly, new texture and adapted to Citrus mesh by me

    [*]Redguard – Kygarra (Hyena) by Wolf of the Azar, adapted to Citrus mesh by me

    [*]High Elf – Cheetah by me, head mesh by NightroModzz

    [*]Wood Elf – Tigers by me, head mesh by NightroModzz

    [*]Dark Elf – Panther by me, head mesh by NightroModzz

    [*]Orc – Saberlion by me, head mesh by NightroModzz

    [*]Khajiit – Khajiit, head mesh by Citrus

    [*]Snow Elf – Snow Leopard

This mod is based on the work of the people who made the race mods! At this point all the assets except the Lykaios are mine, but Furry Skyrim wouldn’t have happened without their inspiration. Please click on the links above and vote up their mods! It’s the only reward a modder gets.

The change is appearance only. Each race still has its vanilla race-specific buffs. You can also play as a Dremora (panther-style) or Snow Elf.

Furries can be anatomically correct if you want them to be. They can be digitigrade or plantigrade, your preference. The base mod is UUNP but there’s a CBBE patch. There are also a bunch of patch files for other mods.


Character Setup


There’s a fairly complete array of character setup options. All races have scars and tattoos; all races have face shading appropriate to the race. Hairs and eyes work as you’d expect. Different fur patterns can be set up using the tint sliders.

Check the “Dirt” slider on the canine races. I had more patterns than sliders so I put some overall face patterns there. I also co-opted some of the other sliders, so check around and see what they do. (The lips slider, for example, isn’t really useful on furries so it generally does something else.)

I put some earrings on the “brows” slider so you can mix them up with hair.




I recommend you start this on a new game. You’re changing every race and every NPC mesh–Skyrim will probably freak if you try to load it over an existing game.

Put this mod last, right before Live Another Life, XPMSE, and map mods.


Load the prerequisites first:





    [*]RCAE – Register custom animation events[/url], required for the schlongs and not the same as SKSE

    [*]A UNP or CBBE body if you like. Not required.


For Furry Skyrim itself, there are lots of files because lots of options. Just load up the ones you want, one after another. They are:

    [*]01_Yiffy_Age.x.x – the base mod. Always. Plantigrade feet. Near-SFW–there are nude statues in the classical style but that’s all. Expects a UNP/vanilla body.

    [*]02_YA5_Digi.x.x – digitigrade feet. All boots become invisible, though you still get their buffs. If you use a skeleton replacer such as XPMSE, load it before 02_YA5_Digi!

    [*]03_YA5_HDT_Tails.x.x – Only use if you have HDT set up. The tails are awesome but they do have the usual stretching and bouncing you get with HDT and they can make your engine freak out. Limit frame rate to 60 or less if you load this.

    [*]04_YA5_SOS.x.x – The privy members. Requires SOS. DISABLE the SOS schlong esps to get only the furry schlongs–you don’t want or need the human schlongs. 

    [*]05_YA5_2K_Textures.x.x – Base mod has 4K textures, which may freak out your machine. Load this if so.

    [*]YA5_CBBE_Textures – If you’re using a CBBE body.


Then there are a bunch of patch files for various other mods. I’m constantly adding to the list but right now there are patches for:

    [*]Clothing and Clutter Fixes

    [*]Cutting Room Floor

    [*]Diverse Skyrim (now that the races look more different, nice to have more variety)

    [*]Dragonfall Castle

    [*]Extra NPCs

    [*]Immersive College of Winterhold

    [*]Legacy of the Dragonborn (requires Creature Framework and More Nasty Critters)

    [*]Imperious (new race abilities work well with the furries)

    [*]Interesting NPCs

    [*]Kaidan V2


    [*]Vilja (you might be able to run a human Vilja in a furry world without the patch, but I haven’t tested it.)


    [*]Naked Stuff of Skyrim

    [*]Populated Lands, Roads, Paths

    [*]Sexlab Stories (incomplete–some of the alternative skins won’t show up well)

    [*]Yiffy_Age_Paintings – Replaces all of the paintings in DF Castle and Legacy of the DB with furrified paintings, some very NSFW

Get the patches from the mirror link, I couldn’t be arsed to load them all up here. 

Privy Members

There’s a complete set of privy members using the SOS mechanism if you load that addon. The default is a sheathing animal dingus on males and female hyenas (because hyenas), nothing on the other females. Argonians have theirs internally. There are anthro-style schlongs if you prefer that to sheaths. You can enable schlongs on females with whatever probability you like.

You get nudie load screens with this addon, fair warning. Delete meshesloadscreenart and meshesinterface if that makes you giggle and blush, but you want your characters anatomically complete.

Female schlongs are set up as separate SOS schlongs. That way you can set the probability of female schlongs as you like, separate from the males. There is also a “strap on” which equips the females if they don’t have another schlong. I did this because Sexlab doesn’t know if your girl has a dick (there’s a complicated way to set it up, but I think you have to do it on each character). Turn off strap-ons in SL so you don’t get two. The strapons will compete with dicks in SOS probabilities–if you want all your khajiit ladies to have dicks, for example, put the female sheath probability for khajiit to 100% and the strap on probability to 0.


Other Setup


Setting up HDT is just not easy. You need the right female body and the right armor. Go read other pages on how to do it.

YA is a script-heavy mod. The following ini settings may make your installation more stable:












    [*]Anything that makes major changes to races. So Requiem and such overhauls are not likely to work.

    [*]XPMSE isn’t incompatible, but for the digitigrade skeleton I had to take a snapshot and they are updating all the time. It’s possible you’ll end up with a mod that wants a later skeleton than I provide.

    [*]Any new human races. Inconsequential NPCs adds a teen race and they aren’t handled properly without the patch.

    [*]No Snow Under the Roof mod – messes up some statues, otherwise works.

    [*]Mods that add NPCs generally do work, but the NPCs won’t have any color variation or tattoos on the head unless there’s a patch.

    [*]SOS is the only male mesh supported. No Better Males or SAM or SOS Lite.

    [*]Improved Open Face Helmets is redundant–the furries have open face helmets that suit their race.

If you’re good with TES5Edit, there are scripts to furrify other mods. One changes all NPCs to furries–but you then have to run facegen. The other adapts helmets and boots to deal with muzzles and digitigrade feet.



Don’t, the impact is too high. Treat this mod like its own game.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98501

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