Gallows of Skyrim 2.0

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Gallows of Skyrim

by Chris Kley


Have you ever wondered why the Jarls of Skyrim never really punish criminals, poachers and deserters? Well, wonder no more! This mod adds gallows to every single city in Skyrim and provides the much needed dark fantasy atmosphere that was missing. 

Gallows act as a deterrent and grim symbol of the power of high justice (the French word for gallows, potence, stems from the Latin word potentia, meaning “power”). Many old prints of European cities show such a permanent gallows erected on a prominent hill outside the walls, or more commonly near the castle or other seat of justice.


1. Download the main file or choose every city individually under the miscellaneous tab

2. Unzip the folder(s) and drop the content into the main skyrim data folder

3. Enjoy



All skeleton mods should work unless the neck node was altered

Known Issues

[/size][/font]1. corpses twirl around when the player fasttravels into the cell containing the gallows

Planed DLC

1. Add gallows to the wilderness

2. Add gallows to the military camps

3. Add gallows to the Thalmor Embassy



gandaganza for the gallow recources

Jebbalon for his help and the scripts

Bethesda for Skyrim


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