Game of Thrones – Location Name Changer

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At its current stage, this mod only changes the location names on the world map to Game of Thrones named locations. This has included the following changes:


Whiterun = King’s Landing (Contested)

Solitude = Lannisport/Casterly Rock (House Lannister)

Windhelm = Winterfell (House Stark)

Morthal = The Vale (House Arryn)

Riften = Riverrun (House Tully)

Falkreath = Storm’s End (House Baratheon) [Not Finished Yet]

Winterhold = Castle Black/The Wall (The Night’s Watch)


Helgen = Summerhall

Riverwood = Maidenpool

Dragon Bridge = Golden Tooth

Karthwasten = Goldengrove

Military Camps: [Not Finished Yet]

Imperial Military Camp = Lannister Military Camp

Stormcloak Military Camp = Stark Military Camp

If you have any suggestions, please leave them below.


Game of Thrones – Immersion by Amigar

This mod adds Game of Thrones armour to Guards, and into the game for the player to obtain as well. It additionally changes the banners from their vanilla banners to Game of Thrones banners. This mod would go well with this location name replacer in order to increase immersion.


Mod Author: Amigar

File Credits:

Game of Thrones Armor Compilation – donker316

Dovaahkin Jerkin – QTA

Journeyman Armor – Ellise

Noble Dress – nimesis

Noblesse Oblige – jacknifelee

Akasha Queen of the Damned – newermind43

Witchhunter – newermind43

BDYEB – TheMalfazar

Witcher 2 Shield Pack – redxavier

Witcher 2 Armor Collection – LordofWar

Cloaks of Skyrim – Nikinoodles

Blades Hakama – atomec

Plate Armors Credo Standalone – ActusReus

Triss Armor – Ruse & Oarystis

Winter is Coming – Cloaks by nivea

A great, very popular mod which adds countless different types of cloaks into the world of Skyrim *cough* Westeros. This may also help to immerse you into the mystical and dangerous land of the Seven Kingdoms.


Mod Author: nivea

File Credits:

Nivea: For meshes and textures.

Slavovitsh: For making NMM installer for nivea to use and edit.

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