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This mod is inspired by Gamepad Plus Plus, but is intended to be simpler and integrate better with the standard control map. As a result, it gives you fewer hotkeys, but is more compatible with custom controller setups as long as they do not use the D-pad or F keys (F1-F12), and keep sprint or another “safe” function on LB.

Like GPP, this mod converts gamepad presses into key presses. Specifically:

    [*]D-pad Up is mapped to F1, D-pad Right to F2, and so on clockwise.

    [*]LB+D-pad Up (hold LB and press D-pad Up) is mapped to F5, LB+D-pad Right to F6, and so on clockwise.

    [*]Four powers are added, named “Press F9” through “Press F12.” These do what they say.


Q: Why would anyone want this?

A: By default, Skyrim gives players a grand total of four unmapped buttons on the gamepad, namely the four directional buttons on the D-pad. And technically, even those are mapped to the favorites system (which many people don’t bother with). Using modded Skyrim with no hotkeys whatsoever is extremely unpleasant, and four just isn’t enough for heavily modded setups.

Q: How do I use this mod?

A: Suppose you want to map LB+D-pad Down to some feature of mod X. First, we have to figure out which keyboard key that corresponds to. F5 is D-pad Up, and continuing clockwise, we can see that F7 is D-pad Down. So tell mod X (in its MCM, or config file, or whatever) that F7 is the hotkey you want it to use. That’s it! Gamepad Minus Minus will automatically press F7 for you whenever you hold LB and press D-pad Down.

Q: When I press an F-key in MCM, nothing happens! How do I map keys?

A: Unplug your gamepad, or switch it off temporarily in the settings page.

Yes, this is annoying. No, I don’t really have any good alternatives. Gamepad Plus Plus has a hotkey for switching the gamepad on and off to work around this, but I felt that was not worth implementing (feel free to mod it in).

Q: When I hit LB+D-pad Up, my game quicksaves!

A: By default, F5 is mapped to quicksave. If you don’t like this, change it in the Controls menu on the System tab of the pause screen, or by manually editing InterfaceControlspccontrolmap.txt

You’ll have to do the same for quickload, of course.

Q: When I activate the “Press F12” power, why doesn’t Steam take a screenshot?

A: Because Steam doesn’t know about this mod. I’m not sending “real” keystrokes, I’m just telling Skyrim to pretend that you hit the F12 key. That works for actions inside of Skyrim (such as quicksave/load), but not for anything else.

Q: Can I double-tap, hold down a key, or do other funky things instead of just tapping the key?

A: Yes, but only for F1-F8.

You do not have to keep holding down LB, as long as you keep holding down the D-pad. But you can also hold LB and quickly tap the D-pad multiple times.

Q: Hey! Skyrim won’t let me activate the powers multiple times in quick succession! What gives?

A: Engine limitation. Nothing I can do about it. It’s already set to have no cooldown, but it’s still not fast enough to usefully double-tap.

Q: I’m a mod author, and I’m offended by the idea of my users controlling my mod with a power instead of a hotkey. Can you disable your mod if my mod is installed?

A: No.

Q: I need more than 12 hotkeys.

A: Install Gamepad Plus Plus (linked above) instead, or mod my mod to add more.

Q: I don’t like using LB for this purpose. Can I configure a different button?

Q: I don’t like using the D-pad for this purpose. Can I configure a different button?

Q: I don’t like using F1-F12 for this purpose. Can I configure a different set of keys?

A: I’m not planning on adding an MCM to this mod, so no. But you could change the scan codes in xEdit (consult this list of numerical scan codes) or install Gamepad Plus Plus instead.

Q: Can I use this mod to make other mods?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you use any assets or materials from Gamepad Plus Plus?

A: No, just inspiration.

Q: Special Edition?

A: Sorry, I don’t play SE. Feel free to port it, but if it breaks, you’re on your own.

Q: Uninstall?

A: It should uninstall cleanly, but I haven’t tested it. However, I find it hard to believe that anything would be broken by uninstalling this mod.

Q: It doesn’t work at all!

A: Double check that you have SKSE installed and are launching it through the SKSE launcher (which is always required for any SKSE mods to work right). Otherwise, I have no idea. It works for me.

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