Gauntlet -Executioner-

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“The Flesh Atronach is a conglomeration of skin sewn together with mystical symbols and an Iron Collar. They are the souls of Daedra in an animated shell…”

[About Gauntlet]

There are talks of some mages being able to cast silent spells to set their targets ablaze, this is especially effective as a Dark Brotherhood member. However some like to ravage their foes with severe brutality. Bounding spells are powerful, and sometimes things that are summoned do not just simply vanish.

Gauntlet was made to serve and serve he shall.

Gauntlet can be found outside the Dark Brotherhood’s Entrance

Custom Flesh Atronach Armor and Tomb Armor

Custom Sword “Torture”

Two Handed Warrior

[Recommended Mods]

Follower Commentary Overhaul – FCO by terzaerian


Unique Custom Textures and Armor parts thanks to Mihail

Flesh Atronachs by MihailMods

SoN6ofTrediS- Flesh Abomination model, textures, animations

Thalmor Officer uniform by M150

Malmanas Weapons by 81wahoo

The Mad Masker by Vicn

Bethesda for creating Skyrim

Thank you all!


1.0 – first creation

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