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Find gems in all mines and throughout the depths of Blackreach.

This mod also adds the missing Diamond and Garnet Geodes to your game.

Esp only. Already cleaned with xEdit!

Geode Distribution by Ore Type

Embershard Mine (x1 Amethyst, x1 Garnet)

Fort Fellhammer (x2 Amethyst)

Halted Stream Mine (x1 Amethyst)

Iron-Breaker Mine (x2 Garnet)

Left Hand Mine (x3 Amethyst)

Northwind Mine (x1 Amethyst, x2 Garnet)

Rockwallow Mine (x2 Amethyst, X1 Garnet)

Whistling Mine (x2 Garnet)


Goldenrock Mine (x1 Amethyst)


Bilegulch Mine (x1 Amethyst, x1 Garnet)

Dushnikh Mine (x1 Garnet, x1 Ruby)

Mor Khazgur Mine (x2 Ruby)


Quicksilver Mine (x2 Garnet, x1 Emerald)


Cidhna Mine (x1 Amethyst, x1 Garnet)

Fenn’s Gulch Mine (x1 Amethyst, x1 Ruby)

Sanuarach Mine (x1 Garnet, x1 Ruby)


Steamscorch Mine (x2 Ruby)


Soljund’s Sinkhole (x2 Emerald, x1 Sapphire)


Kolskeggr Mine (x2 Emerald, x1 Ruby

Lost Prospect Mine (x1 Emerald, x1 Sapphire)


Gloombound Mine (x2 Sapphire)

Redbelly Mine (x1 Garnet, x2 Ruby)


Blackreach (x15 Diamond, x2 Sapphire)

This mod also exists for:

Special Edition (Nexus)Bethnet PC – XB1 – PS4

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