Ghost Argonian race

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This reptile lived a long life with a strange story as it upbringing was not to normal. As an egg this Argonian was to be stolen and sold but luck would have it that the theft was botched and the egg was lost in a wooded area and found by all things a very small black bear cub. The cub not knowing what it had found started to play with the small egg just then it hatched and the small Argonian popped it head out and looked around and came nose to nose with the small black bear. Years pass and the Argonian and bear learn to hunt and eat and forage with one another. They even grew old together this bear living much longer then most forged a bond to the Argonian as they both fell to rest the Argonian woke again in a haze of blue and white but lost was the bear till thinking hard on the bond they had the bear then sprang from the mist.


    [*]ghost invulnerability once a day power that makes player immune to all damage for 90sec 

    [*]summon black bear thrall 

    [*]argonian base abilities

    [*]ethereal blast a blast of ghostly energy that works like a lightning spell     

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