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Giant Orcs, a mod that adds a new orc sub-race to the game, tower over you’re foes!

This is my first mod for Skyrim so please forgive me for making any errors, I’d appreciate some constructive criticism.

[font=Tahoma]Known Issues:[/font]

When sitting on chairs or benches your character will shrink this is unfixable from what I can tell.

I recommend Violens as sometimes the first person kill cam glitches out, simply set it to only use the third person kill cams.

Compatibility Issues:

I do not know of any.

Install Process:

Very Simple, I recommend using vortex or another mod manager but if you refuse to do so it is still very simple to install this mod, simply drag the ESP to the data folder in C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim

Uninstall Process:

I do not recommend uninstalling this mod on a character that is a Giant Orc, I have not tested it myself but I imagine the world might explode.

Uninstalling the mod on a character that is not a Giant Orc should not affect anything.

Final Thoughts:

This is my first mod and I spent a couple days figuring the creation kit out and then creating this sorry if its a bonfire.

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