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[font=Tahoma][/font][font=Tahoma][] GLACIER SPAWNS []


[] What is this? []


    [*]This is a small stand-alone mod that provides the player a new spell book that he may use to cast a “Glacier Spawn”.

    This creature will be featured on my WIP mod “Olenveld”.

    [*]A creature powerful enough to be worthy of a conjuring once in a while!

    [*]You can get the spell-book on dragonsreach farengar’s desk.

[font=Tahoma][] Any Issues? []


Currently I have no issues with the mod. It is only a spell-book with an npc attached.

Aaaand if you have any trouble finding the book you can always type “help glacier 4” in the console

get the spell id and add it manually to your spell list!

I Hope you like the creature! I did!.

[font=Tahoma][] Thank you []


    [*] <- This user rocks! Thanks man!

    [*]^ The one who pointed me out on how to make the creature “refractive” and how to set up “multi parallax” ^

    [*]and if something goes wrong it was my doing! not the master above fault!.

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