Glass Blades – Glass Sword and Greatsword Replacer

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Massive thanks to the following wonderful people:


LeanWolf’s Team for the Better Shaped Weapons Glass Mesh base

liemertha for the in-game screenshots

Robbie922004 for the Fireglass Armory Weapon Texture Assets


This mod replaces the appearance of the Sword and Greatsword Glass weapons.

There are 2 replacers available for the Glass Greatsword. Modified vanilla scabbards and textures for each weapon are also included.

DSR Patch files for the Glass Sword are already included.

 – The textures used in the weapon preview (not ingame) are an edited version of Robbie922004‘s Fireglass Armory weapon textures which is also available as an optional download as a whole pack for the Glass Weaponry.


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