Glorious Solitude Door Replacer

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After my first mod Glorious Solitude Door here comes my second mod.

As I enjoyed making the first door I thought why not make more of them.

Glorious Solitude Door Replacer

This mod replaces all the building doors used in Solitude, both exterior and interior.

For all of them I made new higly detailed meshes in Blender and textures which I hope come close to photorealism.

There are some slight immersion drawbacks as some buildings use different doors on the inside than on the outside.

I made my doors as realistic as possible and added water stains on the exterior side of the doors, but not in the inside.

After I brought them ingame I noticed that some buildings show the exterior side of a door on the inside and vice versa, pretty disappointing.

It doesn’t make any sense but this is how it was implemented in Vanilla and I can’t do much about it without learning CK, which I’d like to avoid for now.

Also some doors don’t line up exactly in their arch because the placement is really weird, I gave my best to make it look good for all of them.


Nothing special here, just put the files into your data folder.


I didn’t notice any issues with the mods I am using, but make sure to load my mod after any other mod modifying the doors.

The only one I know is XENB 2019 which also replaces the mesh shousedoor01.nif.

Hope you like it, please let me know in case you have any issues with the mod.

SE Version

Here you can find the SE Version of this mod.

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