Glorious Solitude Door

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Six weeks ago I finally set myself the goal to start learning how to mod and create a model from scratch, texture it and bring it into Skyrim.

What an amazing, frustrating, joyful and hard challenge it was, I can only recommend it to everyone.

I never learnt that much in my life in such a short time.

Six weeks ago I couldn’t even move around my mouse in Blender and never heard about vertices, edges and faces before.

I started with a bandolier and a female dress which both failed at the step to bring them into Skyrim properly.

Then I moved on to the door, which also almost failed, but now I finally made it so I’m really happy 🙂

Thanks to all the people from the Blender and Niftools Discord channels for helping me with so many of my stupid questions.

Special thanks to Vextin and FrankFamily, thanks for all the help guys.

Glorious Solitude Door

The mod replaces the main gate of Solitude and the smaller gates in the temple area.

You can choose between 4k or 2k textures.

The door features a small model of the Solitude wolf with a ring attached to knock on the door.

For Open Cities users I also made a specific version that replaces the double-sided Open Cities gate.

An additional benefit of that version is that you can actually look through the hole in the door into the city.

I know that the normal version doesn’t make perfect sense because it is the same door inside, but that is how it is in the Vanilla game.


Nothing special here, just put the files into your data folder.


Make sure to load this mod AFTER Open Cities and SMIM and let it overwrite their files.

I also tested it with Dawn of Skyrim and JK’s Skyrim.

Basically it should work with every mod that doesn’t alter the reference to the meshes used for the doors.

Hope you like it, please let me know in case you have any issues with the mod.

SE Version

This is a port to LE of my SE version of this mod:

Original URL:

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