Gman749’s Ladies of Riften

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Riften, city of intrigue,  treachery and now, beautiful ladies! As always,  this is a complete revision of every female NPC in the hold of the Rift, from the Sarethis to the dangerous women of the Thieves Guild!

A couple notes: Niluva, according to the Creation Kit, is a Wood Elf so her appearance matches now. Also for the time being,  the Face Changer, Galathil has not been altered. Reason being that she is an addition from the Dawnguard DLC, so to edit her would require adding that requirement,  which would be problematic for those without Dawnguard. She will be revised when I publish my Dawnguard replacer,  which i intend to do fairly soon 🙂

Most of pics are taken with my custom bodyslide preset, which im including in the downloads.  The default body is noticeably more modest and slim.  I’ll include an example. 


its HIGHLY advisable that you install with a new game. If you have already been to Riften the NPCs weights will already have been set,  resulting in neck seams and gaps. If you do choose to install in the middle of a play thru and you see a seam,  the fix is as follows:

1) open console ( ~ key)

2) click on the npc

3) type “setnpcweight 100” (without quotes)

4) type “disable”

5) type “enable”. The npc should be fixed

Bijin Skin by rxkx22

BD Armor Replacer by Baddog

KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalillies and Stealthic[/url]

Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam[/url]

Freckle Mania 2 by tetrodoxin

Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints by Xarathos Hawke

Demoniac Textures by regenbot03[/url]

Brows by Hvergelmir

Mikan Eyes by nerune2525[/url]

SG Brows by hellosanta

Snapdragon ENB by tetrodoxin

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