Granite -Steadfast Guardian-

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Minotaurs (derived from Men of Tor/Men of Taur),

also known as Man-bulls or Bull-men

Minotaurs are likely descendants of demi-god, Morihaus who said to be man-bull,

and Belharza the Man-Bull, Morihaus’s alleged son from Alessia and

second emperor of the First Cyrodilic Empire.

[/url][About Granite]

As all Minotaur, Granite was told from young age that their race were once renowned and idolized centuries ago. However were now categorized as beast. As a youngling Granite would often do his best to learn the tamrielic language and more about his history.

It is said that he even found a great teacher to do so, however she could not escape her terrible past…

Rumors say that they together created a child

Granite can be found within the Bleakcoast Cave

Barbarian style warrior, 2-Handed Boss type

Comes with three sets of armor

Unique Leather, Iron, and Ebony

Custom Great Sword “Big Iron” which does extra damage to animals

His body has been rigged from the Draugr Skeleton to the Human skeleton, as such he has no facial expressions…

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