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[font=Georgia]I’m currently redoing the interiors of the buildings in Falkreath.  As we’ve all seen in the vanilla game, the towns, cities, villages, etc. in the game all seem to be lacking.  Since I’m working on a house mod in the Falkreath area, I wanted to redo the interiors of the town to hopefully make them feel like the citizens didn’t just move in a few days ago.  There are plenty of mods out there that redo the exteriors of places, so I didn’t touch any of the exterior stuff.

[/font][font=Georgia]I have several interior cells done already, but not all of them so I don’t have an AIO package yet.  I’m going to release the cells one at a time for now so you guys can check them out and help squash any bugs you may come across.  This way, I can upload an interior cell, fix any issues, and move onto the next one.  

[/font][font=Georgia]Guidelines I used while redoing the cells were:


    [*][font=Georgia]Make as few static items as possible, you should be able to pick up, bump into, steal, etc. everything in the houses/shops.[/font]

    [*][font=Georgia]Don’t over clutter the place.  These people aren’t rich, and their houses/shops are small.  They are not going to have tons of stuff inside.[/font]

    [*][font=Georgia](Going along with 2) Try to make things appear as if they were meant to be there.  I wanted things to feel like they were always there from the start.[/font]

    [*][font=Georgia]Lastly, try to make it look like a grown adult lives there, not a bunch of college frat boys.  (Seriously, some of the places were absolute messes)[/font]


If you want, just install the mod, check things out and then uninstall it so you don’t have to worry about a plugin spot until I can get them all finished and get an AIO package.  I’m looking for feedback on things such as:

Over cluttered/under cluttered

Anything that might look out of place

Navmesh that might be wonky

I’m not aware of any conflicts with anything, but then again, i don’t have any mods that alter the interior cells at Falkreath.  I do like to play with JK’s Skyrim, but it only alters the exterior. [/font]

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