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Many Dunmer fled to Skyrim when the Red Mountain erupted. Some of them decided to live in Windhelm. In the game Morrowind, you could join three Great Houses, Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni. And while Redoran and Telvanni makes a comeback in Skyim, Hlaalu doesn’t. That’s because in the Oblivion Crisis, the Empire withdrew from Morrowind, in order to save Cyrodiil from the daedra hordes, and the Empire-friendly Hlaalu was quickly destroyed by the other Great Houses. But what if some Hlaalu remnants found their way into Windhelm, and decided to build their own homes in the city? My overhaul takes inspiration from Morrowind’s Hlaalu aligned cities, Balmora and Suran. Those who played Morrowind might already suspect what I’m getting to. The Gray Quarter Overhaul introduces two new npc houses with two new dunmer families with their own AI packages. There is a new playerhome too, called Balruhn, and a new gentlemen’s club, called Paradise of Nirn. 

Most likely not compatible with other Windhelm overhaul mods!

Requires Dragonborn DLC

In the Servi House lives Relan Servi and his wife, Arila. In the Tevran House, lives Melvus Tevran, his wife the former priestess Nelitha, and their young adult daughter, the new priestess Darvi. The women visit the marketplace every day after breakfast, then they return to the rooftops to work a bit with the men. Melvus is cutting the firewood next to your playerhome. Darvi is praying to Azura, Boethia and Mephala, under the watchful eyes of her mother. In the evening, every member of both families goes to hang out in the New Gnisis Cornerclub, except Darvi who dislikes drinking alcohol.

In the Paradise of Nirn, there are naked ladies depending on whatever body type (vanilla, bikini body, or nude body) you use. The bartender, Othral Hatubis has dunmer drink for sale, and you can get your daily skooma dose from Ryven Dres. The cubicle next to Ryven’s with the imperial and argonian ladies is for the player. You have your sitting and laying down markers there, and free copies of both volumes of The Lusty Argonian Maid. The ladies sometimes get up to shake their tankards around, I couldn’t prevent that. But then I thought that their whole existence is being naked in one place, so at least I can let them dance a bit sometimes. And for the love of Azura, don’t complain about the bard singing about Ulfric. The thing is, bards sing the Opression/Agression song depending on which Civil War faction rules over the hold they are in. So unless you defeat Ulfric Stormcloak, the bard will sing about him. Think about it like the dunmers are trying to get on Ulfric’s good side by singing about how great he is, or something. The other residents here are Farvys Andor, Arthos Veril and Valden, the nord drunkard, who will happily accept a drink from you. Those who played Morrowind know that the inspiration for this place was Desele’s House of Earthly Delights in Suran.

In your new playerhome, Balruhn you have your own little skooma nook, a set of dunmer clothes, a cooking pot, an alchemy table, an enchanter and sitting markers on the crate in the kitchen and on the bedside. There is a single bed for a follower, but the master bed is unowned too, so if you don’t want to sleep, technically you can have three followers stationed here. If you take a closer look at the new dunmer shrines on the rooftop, you might notice a spelltome lying around. There is new spell coming with this mod too, called Reclamations Intervention. In Morrowind you had Almsivi Intervention and Divine Intervention which teleported the player to the nearest Tribunal or Imperial Cult Temples. This spell does the same, when casted it will return you to the rooftop, right in front of the dunmer shrines. It works in interior cells too, but to be honest, I didn’t try to use it in Solstheim, the Soul Cairn or the Forgotten Valley, so I don’t know if it would teleport you out of those locations too, or not. It’s called Reclamations Intervention because Azura, Boethia and Mephala have reclaimed their place as the true dunmer gods, after the fall of the false prophets Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil.

To bring your followers or spouse here use My home is your home mod from Volek, or Spouses Can Live Everywhere mod from Emma

Completely vanilla, no custom assets used, the decorations are static, everything is navmeshed.

Credits: Bethesda Softworks

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