Greyquarter Steel Armor

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                                  Greyquarter Steel

  1. Adds Standalone both genders Greyquarter Steel to Skyrim.

[line]2. Crafted same way regular Steel Armor is Crafted and Tempered.

[line]3. Adds ONE Guard to Windhelm Whom is Contested Guard meaning no matter if Stormcloak or Imperial Side you’ll see the guard could be male or female Darkelf.

[line]4. Some of Dunmer have become refugees to Windhelm and Skyrim Since Skyrim’s debut, therefore now trying to “fit-in” they have made their own armor that shares nordic design to be further excepted is good lore for this set.[line]5. Has everything but shield, Steel shield goes well with this set.[line]6. The color of garment used by these trying to survive Dunmer whom been struggling in Windhelm are the color of Not only Windhelm but of the New Temple too most nords are ignorant of the color’s meaning and just assume it means StormCloak Color.[line]7. Helmet works for ALL races minus Orcs, Argonians and Khajiit.[line]8. I made this to blend in but be fresh new to Skyrim so it is very immersive to Skyrim as is some dunmer already residing within Skyrim.[line]I took Screens am Sure any of those of you who do will look twice as good my pc cannot handle the HD stuff I make (alot of modding on my part lol ). and run in High or Ultra quality but sure yours can 🙂

[line]  This Mod Page is set to Pictures and Videos are placed without verification for such reason as I mentioned above 🙂
[line]                              Addtional Credit goes to Hallgarth for the Ayleid Style Elven Helmet to Serve as the Dunmer Helmet.[line] Endorse and Enjoy !

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