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[font=Comic Sans MS]--- Description ---


A made from scratch Zero Suit Samus outfit by GrimSovereign, BodySlide files done by Daymarr. This mod is intended mostly for screenshots and not actual gameplay. This outfit is fairly high poly and all textures are in 2K (4k textures Optional)

[font=Comic Sans MS]--- Requirements ---[/font]

UNP or CBBE body textures

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE


Heels Sound

BodySlide & Outfit Studio

Netlmmerse Override or Racemenu

[font=Comic Sans MS]--- How To Get ---


The outfits can be obtained via crafting at any forge (Elven Smithing Perk Required) or by using AddItemMenu – Ultimate Mod Explorer

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus Gloves

Zero Suit Samus MK1 Heels

Zero Suit Samus MK2 Heels

[font=Comic Sans MS]--- Questions ---


Q: Can i convert this to (insert game or thingy here)

A: NO, well maybe, i have already picked out who can do conversions for the outfit and is being worked on, but you are free to ask and i will let you know if someone is already working on it or not.

Q: But why Grim? why has thou done dis?

A: Cause i can. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Q: Can you release preset for character or body?

A: I can but am lazy 😛

Q: [font=Arial]Why you no respond to my comments? T^T[/font]

A: I sorry but i get very very busy with work work or working on making more mods. Q~Q

Q: This is not lore friendly!

A: That’s not a question, and i dont care lol. games are supposed to be fun, so go have fun in whatever manner that may be. :3

[font=Comic Sans MS]--- Credits ---[/font]

[/b]Conversion done by Daymarr 

Hawkscr1mer, Devrabbitxx, GomaPeroPero, TK TURBO, KuroShiba, and Artanis4Skyrim for their awesome mod page screenshots and helping test the mod!

NiTeNull for his amazing logo and help with thumbnail and header image!

Everyone else that i did not mention by name for there continued support and being wonderful people that i can call my friends. 

[font=Comic Sans MS]--- Tools Used ---[/font]

All of GrimSovereign’s mods are made from scratch using the following tools:

Marvelous Designer[/url], Zbrush[/url], Blender 2.8[/url], 3D-Coat[/url], Substance Painter, Substance Alchemist, Substance Designer, Nifskope, and Outfit Studio

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[font=Comic Sans MS]--- Media Stuffs ---


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[/b]This outfit is not to be redistributed without my express written permissions![/b]

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