GrimSovereign’s GRIM Medium Elven – Swag Retex

From Skyrim Nexus Latest Files

The golden set redone with the tough and durable green skin cut from the Wyvern’s underbelly, which , when properly worked and tanned, makes for a very comfortable, and durable, fit.

Trimmed with pure gold, no discerning female adventurer should be without it. (Accessorize with your own choice of weapons, rings, amulets, etc.)

The silver set done with the black and white pattern cut from the best prepared Wyrmhide, edged in pure sterling silver, accessorize as per your own taste, sure to turn heads while melting bandits.

You will need to install GrimSovereign’s original mod first because this contains no esp meshes or anything BUT the redone texture files. The original can be found here. 

Hope you guys enjoy.

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