Growing Familiar

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Growing Familiar changes the spell from summoning a Wolf to Sabre Tiger that grows with player and gains stronger combat ability dependant on level. Familiar scales to 0.9 of player level, from 1 to 200 and has ability that gives him slight healing ability and small magic resistance, increased damage and armor based on level starting from 1-15 to 16-30 to 31-45 to 46-60 to 61-75 and 76+ making Sabre Tiger engine of destruction that is able to keep up with endgame Dragonborn.

Conjure Familiar spell is strange because it gets overwritten or broken by pretty much any other mod, even one that doesn’t touch spell itself, so for it to work properly it needs to be placed absolutely last in load order, below even bashed patch, ASIS or scripts like Health offset remover.esp then it works beautifuly.

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