Gunhild – Dual Wielding Follower

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Gunhild is a wanderer, lacking any remaining family. Her father was an Imperial and her mother was a Nord. This made for a turbulent upbringing that ended in flames and the loss of her parents.

She has been traveling and trying to find her purpose in life. Could it be assisting the Dragonborn and attaining some of her own measure of worth? Camilla and Lucan Valerius have offered her some hospitality and are feeding her upstairs in the Riverwood Trader where you will find her.

She comes with her own standalone armor of Wolf Girl’s Heavy Armor, and has 2 steel maces so she’ll be ready to fight in her style.

Race: Nord


Body: UUNP HDT, and CBBE coming soon

Perks: Mace Dual Wielding and Heavy Armor perks

Spells: Oakflesh and Healing

Location: Riverwood Trader second floor

Combat Style: TestjgBrutalOffense, a relentless assault with dual wielding enabled (this will enable dual wielding in that combat style in your game with this mod installed. Very well tested and works as the name suggests. Does not affect the combat of other characters unless some other custom follower happens to use it and they’ll just be able to dual wield)

Her face is a reworked version of a Harem 2 preset, used with kind permission of Toki7 ! I did extensive reshaping to give her a unique character but those beautiful features would have been much more difficult without Toki7‘s great work as a base. I recommend his gorgeous followers and presets, and you’ll see the influence there.

The images show her intended weapons, which I could not get permission to include. To use the intended weapons I designed her for, I recommend Immersive Weapons[/url] Ebony Hammers.

My followers would not exist without these wonderful mods and assets:

Dimonized UNP Body

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Unslaad Pale UNP Textures

Pride of Valhalla – Super HD Skin Set for UNP-UNPB-7B-CBBE (Midguard Sweat specular only) 

Sporty Sexy Map – Athletic muscle mod CBBE UNP UNPB ADEC

The Eyes of Beauty

KS Hairdos Renewal

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition

Girl’s Heavy Armors (with Vanilla textures, if you want the look I intended download Amidianborn Book of Silence and overwrite her armor textures with his Ebony Armor for personal use. Her standalone armor will then use them.)

HDT Physics Extentions

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