Haddar (Husky Friend)

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”Haddar” Husky Friend


Skyrim + Dawnguard


Race: Husky

Where he is?

”Riverwood Trader” outside. Read the letter. Take his Plate

He willbe living where you put his Plate. While you didn’t you couldn’t to leave Haddy at Home. Put his Plate inside your Home.

Attack: basic 28

Autonomic. Stand-alone. Don’t take a slot of followers.

He loving a Sweet-rolls, Venison and Cooked Rabbit.Don’t using a horses and furnitures.

Speed: 120. Perfect in Hunting.

Magic: Passive. He using “Defensive from magic” and “Healing” if his HP low.

Personal voice. But I couldn’t to remove a vanilla voice.Also you can use ”Optional” folder to block Barking of all dogs in Skyrim.

Haddy is a Real Friend. Be friends.

AFT, UFO don’t manage him.

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Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93999

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