Hair from 27dividedbythe9s’ Dovahkiin -The Last Dragonborn-

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[font=Arial]All credit goes to Dividedbythe9s.  I simply made it playable.

Original mod:


Adds the hair from[/size][/font][font=Arial] 27dividedbythe9s’ (Dividedbythe9s) “Dovahkiin -The Last Dragonborn-” follower to the list of playable hairs.  Female only.

They have asked me to make hairs and beards from their other mods playable as well, so look for more in the near future!


Obviously you shouldn’t bother Dividedbythe9s with questions or comments about this mod.  If you have an issue, leave a comment here.

I do not have the skills to make new meshes or textures, so please do not request any edits or changes to this mod in that respect.


Download and install with your favorite mod manager.  Or unzip into your Data folder, if you’re one of those people who loves to break their games by manually installing.  No judgement, I swear.


Dividedbythe9s – The original mod ( ) and the hair mesh

Bethesda – Skyrim and the Creation Kit

[/size][/font][font=Arial]ElminsterAU et al. – xEdit[/font][font=Arial]

jonwd7 et al. – Nifskope

Done on request from [/font][font=Arial][font=Arial]thedragonborn247 and with permission from Dividedbythe9s.  Proof of permission available on request.[/font][/size][/font]

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