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This Mod is almost untested and is not Bug-free![/b] v.1.0.0

sorry for my english!

“Half-Khajiit”, a race based on the main character from the follower-mod “M’rissi’s Tail of Troubles” by KreaQ.[/size]

Big thank you to KreaQ for letting me use the Textures and Meshes from “M’rissi’s Tail of Troubles”!!

Please go and play KreaQs Mod and enjoy the amazing story about M’rissi here!

Also, the original mod is required to play this Race!

Please note, that the Cat-ears will clip through most helmets, if the helmet isn’t covering the whole face! (I have not found a way to fix this issue, maybe you can help me! putting the mesh in slot 131hair won’t work )[/size]

Required for this Mod:


Recommended for this Mod:

Just some Notes:


    [*]This Mod is made to be used with a Female character, even thought I made male-textures and the male-version is full-functional. (Better Male Version is coming soon)[/size][/size]

    [*]Becoming a Vampire should work aswell, but I did no testing with Vampires. [/size][/size]

    [*]I recommend using a long Hairstyle as it covers the streched head-texture on the necka and back-head.[/size][/size]

    [*]The male-textures have a big seam around the neck (I’m not a texture-artist and just made them quickly by combining the Khajiit- and normal male-textures)[/size][/size]

    [*]Dont change the face-color, as it may let the face-texture disapear.[/size][/size]

    [*]If the Ears disarpear or something like that, use “Showracemenu” in the console and you should get everything back.[/size][/size]

    [*]It uses the nude body-textures from KreaQs mod, so it’s kinda NSFW.[/size][/size]

If you find more Bugs (you will) please contact me!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98031

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