Heavy Metal UNP Bodyslides

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This mod includes two UNP Special Bodyslide presets for use in Caliente’s Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.

“Heavy Metal” has curvier, heavier features that aims to match the shape of women in Frank Frazetta artwork at the higher weights, or Luis Royo at the lower. 

“Muscle Girls” is similar, but with a leaner, more sinewy forms found with Boris Vallejo.

Enabling this mod in Vortex adds these two builds to the Bodyslide Presets folder. 

Use Bodyslide and Outfit Studio to compile the model into the game.  Any UUNP build is okay, I use the “Unified UNP Special” body, then either Heavy Metal or Muscle Girls for the preset, and hit batch build.  For output sets, choose “special”, unless you have HDT enabled, then choose “Unified UNP HDT” for the body, and special for the hands and feet.

For the photos I posted, the red-headed Breton has a weight of 80, the orc has a weight of 90, and the dark elf is at 20.  For skin, I use Mature Skin Textures for “Heavy Metal” and Pride of Valhalla for “Muscle Girls.”  KS Hairdos HTD Physics is used for the Breton.  The ENBs are Tetrachromatic and RealVision, otherwise there was no photo processing other than cropping to the shape of a magazine cover.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97269

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